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Environmental Warriors

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Environmental Warriors. Overview:

STEM Ginger Education is running monthly projects: The Environmental Warriors. Children from different countries around the globe can take part:

  • Do task A, task B and/or C. Each task requires different amounts of input and output: Task A is simple, task C is more complicated and task B is somewhere in the middle!
  • Post up findings
  • Explore other groups’ findings
  • Learn about each other: be inquisitive and ask questions in the forum
  • Vote for your favourite project and say why

Different environments, different languages, different cultures BUT the same planet, the same atmosphere, the same oceans and the same skies.

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Project Calendar

Don’t miss any of the projects and be an Environmental Warrior.

Check all projects scheduled here!

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Download tasks

Have a look at tasks A, B and C and choose one to start working on. Remember: Task A is more simple and Task C is more involved). Click on the file to download the task(s) you choose – you can do all three if you want to!

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Upload your project

Make sure your project looks good, is written in English and is complete. When your work is ready, click on ‘upload’ your project and submit your fabulous work.

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Ask each other questions (in English) to find out more about each other’s projects and motivations.

environmental warriors stem ginger education


Choose your favourite submission (the way it is written or displayed; imaginative ideas). State the name of your favourite group and say why you have chosen them.