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Task B: Fire Warrior

Task B: Fire Warrior

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level b environmental warriors
  • It can be worked on individually or in a group.
  • Teachers can decide how much class time to dedicate.
  • Interdisciplinary work is always encouraged (e.g. English for the writing; Science/Maths for the gathering of data; Art for display and design of information gathered (e.g. posters / information leaflets)).
  • STEM Ginger Education CLIL and/or science teacher support is always available.

Month's project

The Power of Plastic – Its uses and effect on the environment

Plastic is all around us and it is, undeniably, incredibly useful. However, it is also toxic and it takes millennia to breakdown. It gets into our waterways, onto our dinner plates, harms and kills mammals, birds and marine life by trapping them or resulting in starvation; fishing nets are made of it, bottles and bags, even the skin cream we use contain micro-plastics (so small we can’t even see them). Our mindless use and disposal of plastic has to stop and we can stop it, if we just change our habits. We know what to do so let’s do it!

In September’s tasks, we will explore ‘The Power of Plastic’:

Task B

We will find out why we all have so much plastic in our lives. You will decide what questions to ask (for example: ‘Where is the majority of plastic in your home?’, ‘Could you use something instead of plastic?’). Perhaps you could compare old and young people, or people who live in the city to people who live in the countryside. Conduct your surveys (asking people in your family, people in your school, for example) and present you results in graphs and tables. Write a few sentences explaining your findings.

Warriors… Start working!