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Biodiversity – What species are endemic where you live?

octubre 1 octubre 31

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There are species where we all live that are so familiar and so common to each of us that we forget how special they are. All animals (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish) are incredible and have adapted (and continue to adapt!) to the place where they live – perhaps they have humps to carry water in a very dry area, perhaps their bodies are streamlined to enable fast movement through water, or perhaps they have a particular shaped beak to enable them to reach their food. Let’s learn about biodiversity and the amazing species that live where each of us lives! In October’s tasks we will learn about biodiversity:

Task A

We will learn about the ‘characteristics’ of different animals (for example, beaks, wings, fins) and think about how different animals in different habitats are different. You will design a matching activity (for example, a card game or a board game) that helps us to learn about parts of the body as well as the habitat in which different species live.

Task B

You will interview someone (in your family, in your school, for example) about a species they particularly like. Why do they like it? Is it endemic to where he/she lives? Write your questions before the interview (this can be in your own language) and present your findings (in English) in the form of a magazine article, with pictures and texts.

Task C

You will find out about a threatened species from the IUCN Red List – You will choose a species and write about it – Where does it live? Is it endemic there? What ‘characteristics’ does it have to enable it to live in its habitat? Why is it threatened? What can we do to help it? Your task is to discover more, a lot more, about a threatened (perhaps endemic) species, teach all of us about it and let us know why we should care. Create a colourful, interesting and informative poster (with pictures and texts) about your chosen species.


octubre 1, 2020
octubre 31, 2020

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